For residential or commercial properties with a laundry facility, dryer vents are extremely important because dryer vents need to exhaust hot, moist air to the outside, preventing heat buildup inside your building and allowing the dryer to operate at peak efficiency.

American Veterans Cleaning Service virtually eliminates any damage to your system, we use compressed air and specially designed brushes to push contaminants along the system, then a high-powered suction device pulls the waste into a filtration system designed to trap ultra-microscopic debris.

American Veterans Cleaning Service’s Dryer Vent Cleaning will help reduce lint build up. Clothes dryers are responsible for an estimated 14,100 home fires in the US.

We love duct and vent cleaning, call American Veterans Cleaning Service Air Duct Cleaning in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo we will inspect air ducts and remove dirt, dust and allergens.