Commercial Back
of House Cleaning

Let us take care of your restaurant back of house tile & grout cleaning needs. We serve Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo and can eliminate both surface dirt, as well as grease that's deeply set into tile and grout lines.

Back of House Cleaning Benefits

  • Provides a sanitary area to prepare food for your customers.
  • Provides a healthy work environment for your employees.



  • Tile and grout contains microscopic pores that act like a sponge and can absorb dirt, mildew and contaminants that are impossible to remove completely with a mop or with any other housecleaning method.
  • Our truck-mounted equipment, heat, and special cleaning solution allows us to clean floors, showers, and countertops by quickly removing dirt, grease and other contaminants that household cleaners and no amount of scrubbing ever could.


We Will:

  • Wipe walls and doors
  • Degrease floors
  • Clean outer surface of appliances